Your new reality

Peace and harmony are your constant companions. Certainty, confidence, and clarity guide your every step.   
You have found your Greatness.
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The Four Point Process

These points will allow you to liberate yourself from the aspects of your life that keep you small.


If it doesn't show, it can't go. By waking up, you are broadening your awareness to a greater perspective than what you currently know. This is the beginning of everything.


Once you see something, it's up to you do something about it. You have the opportunity to reclaim your power and increase your capacity to respond.


Once your power has been restored, you can choose what to create next by becoming aligned with your truth and integrity.


Once aligned within yourself, the choices you make and the actions you take will consciously create the impact you have.


creates resilience


to be You


guides you


supports wholeness


is embodied knowledge


is you

Tools For Mastery

This course will allow you to reprogram your life and gain mastery over your self

The Great Awakening

You are being called to Be the change you wish to see in the world, which requires certain amounts of awareness, work, willingness and courage.

There is a process that you must undergo to live as your highest self.

There is a listening to the deeper currents of life that you must develop.

You need to know what you want to see in the world - be able to speak that easily - so you can live it gracefully.

For you to be the change you wish to see, you need to Wake Up, Grow Up and Clean Up so that you can Show Up.

I don't pretend to have all the answers, or the perfect road map for you, or everything you need.

What I do have is empirical experience guiding others to find these things for themselves.

And as long as you have the courage, the willingness, and the aspiration to live your highest truth, then I have something for you, too.
Your Greatness is calling you
You're ready to step into your power
You know that more is possible
You're tired of the status quo
Your friends think you're crazy

You've been looking for it, now you've found it.


Does it ever give thee pause that men used to have a soul?

Not hearsay alone, or as a figure of speech, but as a truth that they knew and acted upon. Verily it was another world then, but yet it is a pity we have lost the tidings of our souls.

We shall have to go in search of them again, or worse in all ways shall befall us.

~Thomas Carlyle

My Values


Choosing the life you want to live


Being you, for you, regardless of who’s watching or not


Courage to get uncomfortable, do the work, and be responsible


Expanding beyond what you know for greater heights of self


Relating to your self and others with love and understanding


Peaceful collaboration for the good of all


Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional – honoring your self and not your addictions


Knowing what’s yours and what isn’t – and reflecting upon your choices


You gotta do what must be done, so you might as well have some fun


Seeing others as they are, loving beyond judgement, allowing them to be as they are without interference

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A New Humanity Approaches...


Something deep within life has been awoken, is changing, and at the very core of creation...something new has been born.


Now is the time of a great shifting of cosmic energies which will result in the reformation of our earth and trigger a radical shift in consciousness. 


Reality is being reformed and redefined. The activation of new neural patterns are triggering new information, new impulses, and a recalibration of DNA...humans are BECOMING!

Download Your Breakthrough Meditation

In this meditation, unlike most others, you will be guided to experience the profound peace of your soul, while integrating aspects of yourself that have been denied for years.

Begin Your Transformation

Receive your 8 day transformation blueprint that'll get you started on the right path
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