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Why Mentorship?

Today’s world is vastly different than it’s ever been before. And it’s going to continue changing beyond what we currently know. It is our responsibility - and privilege - as the ones who young people look to for guidance, answers and, eventually, receive the baton from us - to ensure that they are prepared for that future.
Three Point Approach

The 3-Point Approach

The last decade has taught me what internal strength is, and the key elements that are necessary to create that internal strength. After distilling it down to three qualities, I refined them to their essence. These three elements are what I teach to create a self sustaining and closed loop system that your son will always be able to return to.


I teach boys how to listen to their own inner guidance, develop discernment between fear and anxiety, and truth and light. They’ll learn how to learn from themselves and their personal guru within. They will be able to navigate their life with the skill of a well balanced and emotionally literate man.


I guide boys to respect all of creation, including themselves, their parents, their siblings, their teachers, their friends. They will step into their compassion through developing a healthy relationship with themselves, creating a deep level of self respect. Through their compassion for life they will leave all people and places better than before.


I help boys become self sufficient and responsible, becoming invested in themselves and their life, while moving with confidence and not arrogance. They will have a sense of integrity, choosing the high road more often than not, and moving through their life with a powerful sense of purpose and belonging.

To Be Prepared...

So what does it look like to be prepared for their coming future? When our boys do not receive the needed guidance from healthy role models and learning how to become themselves - they adopt the behaviors of their influencers - most often tv, movies, video games, social media, music, and friends. They learn about relationships by watching porn, and they learn what power is by watching men use violence to get what they want. Is that really the role modeling we want for our boys?

Why Me?

Working in Wilderness Therapy for over 8 years - I learned how to guide at-risk youth back to the basics of self-responsibility and communication and into a powerful relationship with themselves. Leading groups up to 14 boys living outside for 3 months, I helped them deepen their self awareness and confidence both through mindfulness practices and physical activities such as hiking and survival skills. As a flight instructor, I have found that lessons are gotten on a deeper level when it’s directly experienced and discovered first hand. Each of these methodologies provides a different access point for your boy(s) in redirecting his attention, focus and awareness back towards himself. 

I work one-on-one to create a space for boys to explore and experience their inner space and develop their own understanding of life, empowering them to step powerfully into themselves.

Your Son

will become well equipped to adapt to the changing world - whether that be navigating the social realm, getting curious and clear on their career path, or developing meaningful relationships. He will be able to thrive as his best self despite what life puts in his way because he will know himself as a playfully powerful man centered in himself - that is my promise.
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