To become fully realized beings, we shift from living outwardly, to living inwardly. We become centered in our Self. Meditation is the practice of diving inward to your core.

Body Sensation Meditation

A Waking Up to the sensations of your body. This meditation will increase your power of awareness - the beginning of awakening. Easy to fit into your everyday schedule for maximum benefit. Do this 11 minute practice daily for 7 days minimum. 
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Energy Building Meditation

This meditation is designed to build and strengthen your subtle energy body, also known as the Ka. A great place to start if you're new to meditating. This 13 minute practice is easy to be consistent with, especially as you begin. 
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A New Humanity Approaches...


Something deep within life has been awoken, is changing, and at the very core of creation...something new has been born.


Now is the time of a great shifting of cosmic energies which will result in the reformation of our earth and trigger a radical shift in consciousness. 


Reality is being reformed and redefined. The activation of new neural patterns are triggering new information, new impulses, and a recalibration of DNA...humans are BECOMING!

8 Week Transformation Series

The following meditations are designed to be used in succession. By doing this series, you will change the physical structure of your brain, and you will become more accepting of yourself and the world around you. You will experience more self compassion and less self judgement. Your decision making will increase and you will have a greater capacity to connect with yourself and others around you, and the rest of life. 

Be courageous and submit yourself to a daily practice. 
Your commitment to that will be a knock on joy's door. 

Easing The Body

Get to know the body further by stepping in and experience your inner realm with ease and grace. No tricks to this practice, just an easy and deep relaxation where you begin to feel your body newly. 
Do this EVERY DAY for 7 days before moving on.
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Integration Meditation

In this meditation, unlike most others, you will be guided to experience the profound peace of your soul, while integrating aspects of yourself that have been denied for years. 
Do this EVERY DAY for 14 days before moving on. 
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Advanced Integration

A follow up to the Integration Meditation, this is a mostly self guided meditation, with longer periods of silence. It's recommended that you familiarize yourself with the Integration Mediation prior to using this track. 
Do this EVERY DAY for 5 weeks, and you will experience a dramatic shift in the physical structure of your brain
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Subtle Body Practice

A Practice in Allowing What Is, To Be.
Very similar so the Integration Meditation, can be used as a good variation for that work.
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CJ Vashutah gazing at the peak

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