Tools For Mastery

The Problem

Men have become unconnected from each other, themselves, and life. Depression is soaring. Divorce is rampant. And escapism is the go-to coping skill as we continue marching to our death...

We have forgotten who we are. We have misplaced our values. We are left floating in this void to fend for ourselves. Many of us die without ever really living. All, because we have forgotten...

The Solution

We must reconnect ourselves to each other, life, and ourselves. By remembering ourselves, by honoring our struggles, our pain, our hurt, and our shame, we rise from the ashes of the ruined identity bestowed upon us by unknowing forces. 

The only way out of the mess we find ourselves in, is through. And we must learn to feel it all. Accept it all as we relax and allow that which Is, to Be.

A Curriculum for Living The Life You're Meant to Live

3 Month's of Diving In

You already posess everything you need to succeed, you just need to be reminded how to use it. This course is designed with that in mind. 

Your Life, Transformed

This isn't a once and done, show up and change kinda thing. It's a new way of being. It's you claiming your power. It's you becoming yourself, forever more. 

Embody Your Self

Knowledge and information are great, and until you experience it in real life, it won't help you grow, change, or transform. This course gives you access to that experience.

The Four Points

Waking Up

to a greater perspective than what you currently know

Growing Up

and increasing your capacity to respond

Cleaning Up

by becoming aligned with your truth and integrity

Showing Up

and consciously create the impact you have

Group Transformation

Tools for Mastery is structured to provide you with the most comprehensive and supportive experience to your personal transformation. By leveraging group cohesion, your life will catapult into new realms with ease. 
group transform

What It Actually Looks Like

Tools for Mastery is the launchpad for your personal development, where you will experience your self in a new way. The brain needs hard, empirical evidence to shift into a different way of being. In three months time, your life will never be the same...

What It Is

Centered around the 4 Points, this course has four main sections, each building and connecting to each other.

Why It Works

Between each section is a group discussion, giving you the opportunity to share your insight, gain further clarity, and hear from others.

How It Happens

Once a week for three months, we gather on Zoom and re-discover that which has been forgotten. 

An Ongoing Thing

With assignments each week, you'll be applying what you learn to your everyday life, making this course effective and reliable.

Ready To Transform?

Schedule your Clarity Call to get clear on how TFM can help you achieve your best life. On this call, you'll experience first hand your personal potential that is beckoning you. This call is commitment free and no cost.
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